The Team

Dr. Barry Lynn - CEO

Dr. Lynn received his Ph.D in meteorology from Rutgers University. He is currently a research scientist at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and in the past served as a research scientist at Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon, and at NASA. He has published nearly thirty research articles in respected journals. His areas of research include numerical modeling of severe storms and lightning, the impact of greenhouse gases on climate and the effect of aerosols on precipitation and hurricane development.

Guy Kelman, President

Mr. Kelman has been involved with managing Weather It Is, LTD from the start, and helped build the company's strong specialty in forecasting high-impact weather. He has a master's degree in physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specialized in satellite and radar remote sensing, and previous experience in management.

Professor Richard Lynn - CFO

Dr. Richard Lynn worked as a financial analyst and portfolio manager at the Atlantic Richfield Company. He has a B.A. from Columbia College, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Ph.D. in Finance from Columbia University. He was an Associate Professor of Finance at Pace University until his retirement.

Professor Roger Pielke Sr. - Senior Weather Analyst

Professor Pielke is a professor emeritus at the University of Colorado, andone of the world's most renowned and most-cited meteorologists. He isparticularly known for his expertise in predicting long-range trends inweather. Click here for his complete professional biography.

Dr. Asher Meir - Chief Economist

Dr. Meir obtained his Ph.D. in economics from MIT. He served for many years as a senior lecturer in economics at the Jerusalem College of Technology, and his views are widely published in the Israeli press. Asher's research seeks to quantify the economic value of superior weather forecasts for WII customers, and to optimize hedging of weather risk using financial instruments.